In the square of Naoussa in Paros Island, an Italian family propose an excellent pizza according to the Roman tradition. Five cereals flour, slow leavening, high quality ingredients and perfect cooking.

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1 Pizza = 12 Slices

Margherita : 25€
Pepperoni (hot salami) : 30€
Vegetarian : 30€
Würstel : 30€
Ham and Cheese : 30€
Mushrooms : 30€
Four Cheese : 30€
Prosciutto di Parma : 30€
Milano Salami : 30€
Cherry tomatoes and rocket : 30€
Tuna and onions : 30€

Arancini : 2,50€
Veggy Arancini : 2,50€
Nutella sweets : 2,00€

Water 0,50 l : 0,50€
Coca Cola : 0,33 l : 1,00€
Coca Cola Zero : 0,33 l : 1,00€
Heineken 0,33 l : 1,50€

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Billo's Pizza
Square of Naoussa, 84401 (Naoussa - Paros)

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